Multiaxes force torque sensors

Multiaxes force torque sensors


Multiaxes force torque sensors that measure multiple degrees of freedom (DoF) are often complex and expensive. The academics at King’s College London have come up with novel design structures for 5-axis or 6-axis force torque sensing. The structure of the sensor design is simple, therefore easy to manufacture and easy to miniaturise. For example, the sensor can be made by 3D printing or laser cutting.  A prototype of 6-axis force/torque sensor with has already been made with the size less than the smallest commercial force/torque sensor on the market and comparable sensing performance.





Automation instruments or industrial robots which requires cost effective 5-axis or 6-axis force torque sensing. This invention is also attractive to the prosthetic devices and haptic systems which requires force/torque sensing. More importantly, the force/torque sensing capability is expected to be one key technology for the next generation service robots and medical robots which are designed to physically interact with the environment as well as the users elegantly and safely.





1. Sensing performance of the prototype is comparable to the commercial force/torque sensor available on the market and the optimum product is likely to be better.

2. Size is comparable to the smallest commercial force/torque sensor on the market.

2. Simple calibration process which can be done fast and robustly.

3. The design has ample space making it easy to integrate with any given structure.

4. Flexible size, force/torque measurement range and sensitivity for bespoke application requirements.

5. Suitable for use of micro optical sensors or optoelectrical sensors, which are immune to electromagnetic noise and temperature changes.

6. Low cost and easy to manufacture (3D printing or laser cutting) or miniaturise.



Project Status


Proof of concept demonstrated by prototype. Industry partners are sought for commercial development of the technology with a view to licensing this technology.



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PCT stage 


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