King's Multichannel Sound Technology


What is the unmet need?


There is an unmet need  for low-channel count robust immersive sound systems. Existing technologies (Ambisonics, WFS) require a very high number of audio channels and precise positioning of loudspeakers. Techniques based on amplitude panning (VBAP) are perceived as not rendering satisfactory acoustic images between loduspeakers. Both WFS and VBAP also don’t have corresponding practical recording systems.

License Opportunity: King’s College London is seeking to license its multichannel surround sound technology, including the underlying 360° microphone array,  that maximises the size of the optimal listening area (i.e. sweet spot) and naturalness experience given the number of channels.


Technology Overview


The patented technology is based on using available channels to render only perceptually relevant sound field information. This enables achieving the maximum of experience with available channels. A dedicated microphone array has been developed too, which can be used for 360° recording of actual sound fields or in a virtual form.

Target Market: Market for VR headsets is growing tenfold each year (2017) and one of the primary uses for such devices is displaying high-quality 360° videos. While many consumer grade 360° video recorders exist in the market, audio recording capabilities of such devices is not high.


Target Customers


Interested end customers of this technology are home users of VR and other immersive video display systems who are interested in improving the level of realism and immersion experienced through their 360° videos.


Assets on Offer


King’s College London has a strong IP portfolio (patents and know-how) around this technology, including a granted US patent centred on the core principle and another granted US patent (EU patent pending) around a software implementation of the technology for rendering virtual sound fields. We have developed product-similar prototypes that demonstrate the operation of the technology  when deployed as VST plug-in for music mixing; a development of a VR plugin for multichannel sound rendering is in progress.


Patent portfolio Status


  • Audio Signal Processing Method and System - US granted (US 8,184,814); EU pending 
  • Microphone Array - US granted (US 8,976,977)
  • Electronic Device with Digital Reverberator & Method - US granted (US 8,908,875)


Patent Information:
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