King's Sound Field Synthesis Technology


What is the unmet need?


Existing techniques for sound scene synthesis incur prohibitively high computational loads to synthesise convincing illusions of dynamic acoustic environments.


Licensing Opportunity


King’s College London is seeking to license its technology for real time synthesis of 3D dynamic sound scenes.


Technology Overview


The patented technology renders room reflections with progressively coarser directional resolution as per their perceptual relevance. That allows achieving perceptual quality of image-source and ray-tracing methods at orders of magnitude lower computational complexity. The technology is therefore particularly suitable for supporting AR/VR/MR and gaming audio content creation and delivery, and it is compatible with binaural and multichannel rendering.


Target Market


The global games market is estimated to grow to $143Bn in 2020, whist the AR/VR market is estimated to reach $108Bn by 2021.  Both markets will be driven by mobile device platforms, for which low computational complexity is paramount. Companies like Sennheiser already started rolling out products which will need technology similar to the one described herein.

Target Customers: Gaming, AR/VR/MR companies and individual content creators.


Assets on Offer


King’s College London has a strong IP portfolio (patents and know-how) around this technology, including a granted US patent centred on the core principle and another wider US patent (EU patent pending). We have developed product-similar prototypes that demonstrate the operation of the technology when deployed as VST plug-in for music mixing; a development of a VR plugin for binaural and multichannel sound rendering is in progress.


Patent portfolio Status


  • Audio Signal Processing Method and System - US granted (US 8,184,814); EU pending 
  • Microphone Array - US granted (US 8,976,977)
  • Electronic Device with Digital Reverberator & Method - US granted (US 8,908,875)


Patent Information:
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